Check out these films

WHY WE FIGHT –  DVD 2006 (US Congress in a death-grip of financial interests, while US citizens are unable to show even a basic understanding of why countless billions of their tax dollars are used to kill people.)
INSIDE JOB – DVD 2011 (US Congress in a death-grip by the same interests, conspiring to rob citizens of their homes and savings, and succeeding extremely well in that over the last 20 – 30 years. It includes the case of Iceland.)
THRIVE – WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE – 2011 ( A Proctor & Gamble heir produces his own DVD. He has an analysis of the above two scenarios, and includes other related topics – why alternative energy has been suppressed by oil interests, and why some GMO’s have been designed to lower sperm motility in humans, and so forth.  These are his own speculations, but perhaps valuable as one person’s attempt to link many of the serious current topics. I have not checked on any of his quoted sources, some seem a bit shaky, others sound plausible.)
(all available at VPL)