Aug. 6: Hiroshima Day in Nanaimo

Nanaimo’s fifteenth annual Lanterns for Peace Ceremony will be held on Saturday August 6th.  Lanterns will be launched at dusk at Swa A Lana Lagoon on Nanaimo’s waterfront.  This is an event for everyone including families and children.

The ceremony is to commemorate the anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb when the city of Hiroshima was reduced to ashes in 1945.
The City of Nanaimo has declared August 6th, Hiroshima  Day in Nanaimo.  This is in keeping with Nanaimo’s status as a nuclear-weapons- free city and with past proclamations by the City.

This year there will be folk dancing at 8 pm which anyone is welcome to join.  The dance will be followed by peace songs at  8.45 by The Owl and  The Pussycat.  The Lantern Ceremony begins at  9 pm and includes The Everybody Sings  Choir, The Nordli Ukelele  Group, Margaret Sutton  playing the Shakuhashi. ( Japanese flute) and words by our MP Sheila Malcolmson and MLA  Leonard Krog. The public is invited to help launch the lanterns at 9.30.

The ceremony is organized each year by the Nanaimo Chapter of WILPF.

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