WEBINAR: “A Climate of Insecurity for COP27– African women raising their voices for feminist climate justice”

Tuesday, August 30
English with French and Arabic interpretation.
Languages: English, French, Arabic

This webinar “A Climate of Insecurity for COP27–African women raising their voices for feminist climate justice,” invites you to listen to feminist activists and women human rights defenders’ lived experiences of the impacts of the climate crisis on the African continent. Panelists will share why the climate crisis is a feminist issue, and how it affects and compounds other challenges in their region. From Zimbabwe to Cameroon, from Ghana to South Africa, speakers will shed light on the interlinkages between the climate crisis, gender, and issues such as conflict, food security, and livelihoods. With COP27 taking place on the African continent and droughts, wildfires, flooding, and soaring temperatures accelerating in their countries, panelists will share key demands for COP27 to effectively address the climate crisis and alleviate the worst impacts on the African continent.

Opening remarks: Sylvie Ndongmo, WILPF International President
Panelists: Aubine Zambou (WILPF Cameroon), Mpiwa Mangwiro (WILPF South Africa), Ayo Ayoola-Amale (WILPF Ghana) and Edwick Madzimure (WILPF Zimbabwe)
Co-moderators: Tamara Lorincz, WILPF Canada and Katrin Geyer, WILPF Environment Focal Point
International Secretariat
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