We Mourn the Passing Of Our Dear Member Jo Rekart

One of our members, Dr. Josephine Rekart, passed away on February 1, 2023. She was also a former member of the University Women’s Club (Vancouver). Jo worked as a policy advisor at Worksafe BC for several years up to the time of her death. She enjoyed her job and formed many friendships there. Jo was a strong supporter of women, peace, and justice and was appalled at the treatment of women and girls in such countries as Afghanistan and Iran. She was also concerned about the condition of Indigenous women and girls in our own country. She was generous in her donations to a variety of charities. She supported a school in Africa, and paid for the education of a young girl, of whom she was very proud. She recruited others to donate and was involved in a major fundraising effort by bringing artworks from local artists in Africa, and selling them to friends here. On the lighter side, Jo enjoyed playing the guitar and piano. She was a wonderful cook, and was an avid photographer. She had many friends and loved her kids. She was very devoted to her mom who only recently passed away. We will honour Jo through the very fond memories we have of her. May she rest in peace.