WILPF Urgent Response in Palestine

Dear WILPF members,

WIILPF is deeply saddened at the ongoing and escalating loss of life in Palestine and Israel, which takes place in the context of ongoing Israeli occupation, war crimes and impunity. We denounce all attacks against civilians by all parties. Indiscriminate attacks on civilians are a crime under international law and cannot be justified. Please read and share WILPF’s statement and demands on the escalation of violence in Palestine and Israel.

As we write this Action Alert, the Israeli government is indiscriminately shelling the Gaza Strip; 1537 people in Gaza have been killed so far and civilians were told to evacuate northern Gaza, impacting up to one million people and continuing the cycle of ethnic cleansing. In addition, the Israeli government is collectively punishing the Gaza population by enforcing a complete siege; no water, food, electricity or fuel is allowed into the territory. This was described by many Human Rights organisations as a call for genocide.

Take action!

In an attempt to support  your efforts to mobilise in response to the unfolding situation, we want to share with you some resources and guidance on what you can do to help stop the ongoing atrocities and loss of life, support demands for a just and sustainable peace, and act in solidarity with Palestinians:

  • Countering disinformation and influencing the narrative: In light of the concerning reports of disinformation and the spread of false narratives of the conflict, we are sharing with you a set of resources to help ensure that we all have access to accurate and reliable information. (see list under)
  • Amplify Palestinian voices and demands: By sharing first hand testimonies, demands and supporting grass-root organising, we can amplify the voices of those most impacted by the violence and injustice.
  • Join mobilisations in your own country whenever it is safe and secure: 
    • Ask for the protection of civilian lives by joining mobilisations and doing actions and campaigns that are relevant locally. 
    • Support actions that help end complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians such as calls for and applications of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, check the BDS movement → URGENT ACTION ALERT for meaningful support for Palestinians.
    • Advocate for your government, local councils and EU agencies in your country to hold Israel accountable, including through imposition of economic sanctions, incremental restrictive measures, ban on arms trade, restrictions on individuals and companies involved in the settlements, and suspension of all security cooperation and free trade agreements with Israel.  
  • Donate and share donation campaigns to support the victims:
    • Let us know what reliable sources you are reading, what actions you are taking, what statements, demands and voices you think should be amplified and what campaigns should be supported. Sources and campaigns in your own languages and from your own contexts are important. We want to know and amplify a global response against war crimes, occupation and impunity. You can reach out to us at membership@wilpf.org or connect through our social media platforms.

    List of Trusted Sources

    Media Outlets:




    Democracy Now

    Palestinian voices on Twitter:

    • Mariam Barghouti https://twitter.com/MariamBarghouti

    • Yara Hawari https://twitter.com/yarahawari

    • Marian Houk https://twitter.com/Marianhouk

    • Marwan Bishara https://twitter.com/marwanbishara

    • Breaking the silence https://twitter.com/BtSIsrael

    • Noura Erekat https://twitter.com/4noura

    Instagram accounts in English:

    Middle East Eye

    Eye on Palestine

    Craving Palestinetheimu

    Mohammed Elkurd


    Plestia Alaqat

    Oren Ziv 

    Ahmed Eldin 

    Jewish voice for peace

    Instagram accounts in Arabic:


    The Palestinian Medical Relief Society


    Mustafa Barghouti

    Instagram accounts in Spanish:


    Read statements and appeals of local Palestinian movements and international campaigns and organisations

    • Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling → Urgent Humanitarian Appeal: Unless The International Community Intervenes, The Death Toll Will Increase Dramatically in The Coming Hours 

    • Joint statement by Palestinian Civil Society Organisations → Palestinian Civil Society Organisations Call for The Protection of The Palestinian People

    • Joint statement by Palestinian Civil Society Organisations→ License to Kill: Third States Disregard their International Responsibility to Act to Prevent Israel’s Violation of Jus Cogens Norms

    • BDS movement → Western Complicity in Apartheid Israel’s Brutal Violence Heightens Palestinian Resistance & International Solidarity

    • Madre → Peace Depends on Justice

    If you have any additional sources to contribute or wish to participate in the dissemination of mobilizations and solidarity demonstrations taking place in your respective countries, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

    Other sources for background content 

    WILPF has a long history of engagement in advocacy and solidarity actions for Palestine. In addition to the WILPF Palestine Section, this work is advanced through the International Secretariat’s MENA programme, the recently created Palestine campaign working group and through Section initiatives such as the recent petition supported by WILPF Italy in defence of advocates for Palestinian rights, and the Middle East Peace & Justice Action Committee of WILPF US. For more information about WILPF’s work in Palestine, visit our dedicated webpage.

    Thank you for your support. 

    In solidarity, 
    WILPF International Secretariat