WILPF leader profile: Ellen Woodsworth

Ellen Woodsworth is the Canadian Co President of WILPF and a longtime activist for peace, social justice, economic equality as well as environmentally sound planning.  She was part of the Abortion Caravan chaining herself in the House of Commons for women’s right to choose. She was a Vancouver City Councillor and during that time was co-founder of the “World Peace Forum” and founder of “Women Transforming Cities International Society, designing ideal cities for women and girls” and setting up the women’s and LGTBQIS Advisory Committees. She has travelled around the world speaking about the need to put an intersectional lens on work to create cities that work for everyone. She developed the idea of the “On to Ottawa Peace Caravan” to reach out to Canadians to discuss how we can work for peace by demilitarizing decarbonizing and decolonizing. She advocates that Canada become a country standing for peace instead of following in the US military disasters that are causing climate change and extracting fuel from the unceded lands of the First Nations. She is opposed to the recent increase in the Defense Budget to $50. Billion dollars and thinks the money should be spent for affordable health care, housing, childcare and education etc. She will present these issues to MPs when the Peace Caravan arrives in Ottawa.